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With her wicked feline gaze and tumbling medusa hair Karen Cooper's Lady Macbeth is a palpably sensual seductress.
- Time Out
Karen Cooper is subtly sexy and unsexy as his worst half, sleepwalking eerily and ensuring that her final absence is felt.
- Whats On
There are some good performances - Karen Cooper plays the first seductive and determined, and later subdued and anxious Lady Macbeth
- Times Chronicle
Karen Cooper as Lady Macbeth is vehement and persuasive, her colapse into madness chilling as Cooper's howls rend the air.
- Ham & High

Sons and Lovers Karen Cooper is a vivid presence as the sensuous feminist Clara.
- Time Out

Tears Before Bedtime A sparkling array of characters in this witty one woman show.
- Time Out
This is a thought provoking piece. Karen Cooper's performance is totally absorbing.
- The Scotsman

Creditors This black comedy is a traditional presentation worthy of as much praise as an engrossing and well acted drama, sure to stir conversation.
- Whats On
A realistic study of heterosexual love hate - beautifully performed.
- The Guardian

Cloudburst A Sensitive performance from Karen Cooper - touching, attractive and complex...believable and engrossing, holding our sympathies as the tone grows darker.
- The Stage
The emotional force between Karen Cooper and John Fairfoul creates an electric atmosphere.
Karen Cooper is a sexy petulant tease in tight shiny black trousers.
- Time Out
Karen Cooper and John Fairfoul play out this tightly-written two-hander with convincing chemistry. They are fresh, lively and entertaining, performing a clever narration with a great balance of poetic reflections...funny and passionate.
- Camden New Journal
Layered performances from Karen Cooper and John Fairfoul make this a 'must see'.
- Hampstead And Highgate Express

Intimate Exchanges This acting duo make the most of his script...Undoubtedly Pick of the Fringe
- The Mail
Critics Choice. An Alan Ayckbourn work gets exquisite treatment in this award-winning production.
- The Edmonton Journal

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