One year post-graduate training course for actors, The Drama Studio, London.
Two year performance course, City Literary Institute.
Play Director Parts Venue
The Three Sisters Andrew Powrie Natasha Watford Palace Co.
The Lunch Girls Ian Buckley Vee Watford Palace Co.
Tears Before Bedtime Eleanor Day One Woman Show
(8 Parts)
Almeida & King's Head Islington & Tour
Creditors Robert Gillespie Tekla New End Theatre, Hampstead
The Winter's Tale Patrick Tucker Lady In Waiting The Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Macbeth Tom Leatherbarrow Lady Macbeth London & National Tour
(75 Performances)
Dusa, Isadora & Craig Tom Leatherbarrow Dusa Tabard Theatre
Mistress & Muse Bill Tanner Amanda Pentameter Theatre
The Molecatchers Daughter Tom Leatherbarrow Ann Marten The Village Theatre & Tour
Romeo & Juliet Bill Tanner Nurse Pentameter Theatre & Tour
Intimate Exchanges Philip Grout /
Johnathan Salsbury
Celia Silvie Tour N. America & UK including:
New End Theatre/Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford/ Bloomsbury Theatre
Hamlet Colin Kay Gertrude National Tour
Sons & Lovers Colin Kay Clara Bloomsbury Theatre & National Tour
Women of a Certain Age David Simons Rene Edinburgh Festival
Charley's Aunt Harry Meacher The Aunt Pentameter Theatre
Education of a Lap Dancer Harry Meacher Marie Pleasance Theatre, London
Bloggers Oliver Mann Cath/Debra Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival and Soho Theatre

Show Director Parts Production
Confessions Simon Yukke Miss O'Leary BAFTA
Camp Autos 'Just' Victoria Kit Hillier Productions
The Choice Lee Hutchingsn Detective Mills London Festival
The Big Reveal Nancy Sexton Psychotherapist foureighteightone prod USA
Past Lives Tim Hancock Psychotherapist World of Wonder, USA
Freud J. Purdy/ M. Anderson Delphi B.B.C.
Cliff Richard Special (Rockspell) Jim Murray Devil Woman B.B.C.
The Boston Strangler Guido Carraciano Kate RAI
Heroes & Villains (Full Throttle) Mark Chapman Hon. Dorothy Paget B.B.C.
In On The Racket, Out On The Streets John Kaspar Lucy BBC
Last Days of Pompeii Peter Hunt Melior's Girlfriend International TV
No Ease For A Wretched Man Manus Home Annie Cannes Film Festival
Crazy Bob Lawrie Cat Woman Blink/National Film Festival
Lovelifting Jo Ashton Kay Channel 4 & Festivals
The Strangerers   Dominatrix Sky TV
Night Terror Jim McDonnel Mrs Prichard Festivals - London & Canada

RADIO/VOICEOVER: Commercials for LBC, Traces of Love (ATV), Prudy Finds Out (Keeping Mum)
COMMERCIALS: Photomarket, Guiness, Big D Nuts, Joe Cocker Video
SKILLS: Italian speaker, can obtain and drive vintage Bentleys
ACCENTS: RP (Nat), Scottish, various American, Welsh, Italian, Malay, Cockney

Rob Groves Personal Management
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8, Tavistock Street
London WC2E 7PP

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